Friday, June 6, 2008

Phony Flake!

A couple of days. phone kinda stopped functioning like the way it's suppose to be
yeap..screen went blank and i cant reopen it or wtv.
i was forced to hav to look for someone to fix it..
sort of thought of this reload uncle right outside my mom too was thinking bout that place..
so why not?..
Then problems started..
I think A was not a sales person or something.
maybe just helping her husband around i guess..
At first they have to perform any post mortem thingy ..diagnosis tests or wtv to get to know what's wrong with my phone and how much it would costs to fix it..
She called and said about 180..
I thought i was quite decided to send to another shop..
I went to collect it today..
And i spotted missing screws..
My phone has never been sent for i'm 100% sure that they r the ones who should be responsible..
Before i send for repairs...the phone was completely fine except for the non functioning LCD screen..i can still call and receive calls went berserk...cause whenever i pressed the dial'll vibrate.
Couldnt even switched it on..
So..back to the shop for some Q&A..
I spoke to the technician..He said he din touch a thing.he only changed the "ribbon" or something..(that's what i heard)
When i asked about why sudd myphone isnt functioning like before..
He blamed my phone ..said that the electronic components were already not functioning well..
and that he didnt touch a thing..
"A" on the other was very old..
they dont produce it anymore..
Doesnt worth much if i were to trade it in..
nobody wants...and so on..
My reaction?
i din scold her ='(
My head was going berserk..
like what the hell.
Temperature rising inside..
And so she asked me to come back on tuesday...
to get my phone fixed back the way i suppose to be..
I'm not sure what's my next move is..
i'm gonna be extra careful in case they demand for money..

This is the combination of bad drawing and yes it is suppose to be a broken thermometer

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