Monday, March 28, 2016

Hello from the 2016 side.

In midst of drafting an email negotiating my future, *click* here I am. 
Landed myself back to this place. 
It has been a crazy 4 years of abandonment and procrastination.
Always wanted to revamp this place or perhaps move as this is already filled with tonnes of memories. To be completely honest, I'm not the most confident person on earth. I'm always afraid of being judged by what i write and the pictures i put up. Now this place is quiet enough for me to turn this into my little thought generating place and to exercise my brain-finger coordination.

A word simple enough for people to understand what it stands for but requires tonnes of work to fully identifying it for yourself. 
People often ask.
"What's your passion?" 
This is one of the hardest question to answer (at least for me) and this question is the same level as the when-are-you-getting-married question that pops up everytime you met a distant relative.

When it comes to passion. Advices be shooting in like,
"Do what you are passionate about."
"Turn your passion into your job and you will never work a single day."
Basically slapping you in the face with how not successful you have been for the past xx years of your life by not working towards your passion.

So, how can you find your own passion?

For me, I dont exactly know but I'm willing to get out of my comfort zone and try to grab whatever opportunity that comes in my way. Eliminating the Nos in hopes of finally finding the Yes. 

Perhaps another leap of faith.


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hello Bloggie / Vday in Bangkok

You haven seen any updates in this space for almost 4months.
*typing while dusting the blogger page* 
I was merely trying to keep up with my old blogging habits and obviously my attempt failed.
As usual I was busy with my studies and all the other stuff ...well you know the drill.
With truckload of pictures (mostly random and silly, perhaps not suitable for this space) I still couldnt find the mood to start typing like how i've been doing last time. 
I used to stare at this blank page a lot wondering what to write.
As much as I love sharing and keeping a record of each and every bits of my life,
 I love reading my old silly stuff. 
Pictures reminded me of how much i've changed physically (HORIZONTALLY). 

In case anyone of you or future me is wondering, I've been good.
Pretty busy, basically rushing for assignments and school related stuff. 
3rd year 2nd sem has been the busiest semester so far. *wipes sweat*
Im glad i managed to glide through the semester with (not exactly flying colours but) a result that I am proud of.
Now, I'm at the stage of stuggling to wake up every morning for my internship job in Prai.

  For some photographic form of entertainment,
Keep on Scrolling.
I consider myself good in planning and devising Bday plans and other celebration plans. 
When Bob and I were in Bangkok, I gave him the shock of his life when I told him we were going to dine open air on the 81st floor of a building.

Shock of his life is because he knows how adventurous I am when it comes to all those adrenaline pumping activities. Maybe he thought we were going to dangle midair while dinner is being served? 


 There were a few options to choose from either to dine indoor or outdoor. 
We had outdoor dinner together with a special menu where some of the extra dishes while the buffet indoors are still open for us.

This was lobster bisque i think : /

This is where i flashed the whole city of Bangkok.
Strong wind + lightweight clothing 
(The least i could do is put on something pretty underneath)

Toodles Internet.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Japanese Food

The Ho sisters lovess Japanese food.
We all tried having Jap food alone cause there's no one to have lunch with. lol.
Happy days we'll celebrate with jap and Not so happy day.. Jap food becomes the cure. WTF. ikr.
We are all ridiculous women. 
Anyhoo i'm hungry naooo and i saw this saved draft (since last december wtf)
Jap food @Sakae Sushi.
Their chawanmushi is Yummeh!

Best Salmon sashimi i had so far was in Singapore. 
And the most expensive one as well :/

Sunday, April 15, 2012


So my holidays about to end =( boohoo. I feel like i have just got back.
Im partially sick i have no idea why.
Sinus problems are killing me. Cannot stop the nose from misbehaving.

I wish i could just sit down relax and sip a cuppa coffee or maybe have some dessert just to finish of my weekend in a more laid back manner.

This reminds me of Full of Beans @ Straits Quay
They serve a variety of Handcrafted Coffee 
im not a coffee person but heck it's a great place with nice coffee.
all the while im sitting there looking at the baristas making coffee lol.
Fun to watch nevertheless.

More dignified pictures on the Facebook Page.

Example of a better picture from the FB page.

Happy Sunday =D

Friday, April 13, 2012

Short Trip to Strawberry Land.

In case you din know i was avoiding the word Cameron.
Ever since my sister decided that she wanted a garden wedding in Cameron Highlands,
the family has been up and about Cameron Highlands all the time. 
This time it was a belated Birthday celebration for le sister + family short trip.

That's all for now,
Good Night Internet.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ecco Cafe @ Chulia Street Penang.

It has been raining non stop since the tsunami scare arises. 
I'm glad the tsunami warning has been lifted. 
At least for now everyone dun have to think bout the end of the world.

Ohai. I just got back from Cameron and it was really fun!
The family rented the Shell bungalow and the stay there was pretty amazing.
We requested for a barbeque dinner, mom suggested that we wear maxi dresses at night so maybe we can take a lot of pretty picture.. cause after all maxi dresses are permitted in the absence of blazing hot weather.
Hence, maxi dresses it is. 
Turns out, we have to barbeque our own food (i knew it!)
Nevertheless, we (or at least i think for me) had a fun night!

In another one of my foodventures, 
I was craving for fresh handmade pasta and i found it quaint cafe along Chulia Street.

 Yogurt Shake
(i enjoyed the one in Amelie better than this :/ )

Minestrone Soup


 Err I forgotten what kind of pizza we ordered.

Spaghetti with bananas. Lol. I know right.

This crazily hungry fella ordered another main =.='

Good night ppl.
The weather is giving me a headache.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Well Camouflaged Place : Amelie Cafe @ Armenian Street Penang.

If i dun start blogging again, 
i have no way of keeping track what i did since my memory span is super short.

I have to recheck my map for the Nth time to make sure i'm in the right place.
The place is so well camouflaged that Bob and i had to make few rounds down the same street just to finally notice there is actually a cafe well hidden. No joke i tell you.
When i saw that exterior, i had to puke cereals. *9gag*
Refer below,

Hidden much?

Next time, whenever i see this building i know im in the right place cause the cafe is just right beside.

Super cute Menus

Banana and Passion Fruit Yogurt. 

Mango and Passion Fruit Yogurt
Thumbs up for all the yogurt drinks!

Grill Crispy Bacon Chicken 

Spicy Olio Pasta.

Got to go pack for Cameron later in the afternoon.