Tuesday, June 17, 2008

"You Rebel!"

Called Mw yday for An's num(cause i lost it =p)
she reminded me that there will be a career talk today..
and obviously she wont be coming to school..
"PONTENG" Queen.
(Skipping the dreadful morning duty and registration..)
5rebels (4 prefects and a librarian) decided to skip the career talk
but instead got into a hide and seek game with a teacher
Hell yeah..
it started when
M and A crawled out the lec. hall..and decided to hide in Y's class
then a familiar voice came by..
Oh shit..GBP.
all 5 hid behind the bush (literally)..
squatting and squatting.
went to a new hideout (a class nearby)
and then up to C's class and down to S's class
while taking a breather
GBP suddenly broke in
causes C and Y to dash out of the room
M S and A then followed..
All 5 ran up to lec hall..and sat there as though ntg happens
-the end-

(p/s: idk what will happen next..hav to wait till tmr..)

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