Monday, August 18, 2008

Last Day in Prefects!

it's great to know we're one happy unit at the end of the day

Unit 1's board!

Crazy Probs

covering our faces refusing to pose

This pic comes along with a short story..
It all begins when my teacher din enter the class.
My friends G started drawing the class plan
so that the prefects can arrange their tables back to the original position after using the classroom for LTC
Then, i picked up the marker pen n started labeling my name and my friend's (who sat beside me) according to where our tables are..
after that C n S started labeling on the diagram...
and drawing funny pictures..
(but we din make noise!)
Soon after, a teacher B came in and shouted at us asking us
what r we doin..
3 of us remained silent..
she asked why are we speechless..
*Silent again*
then we told her that we're just drawing the class plan..
She went berserk after listening and went on a "shooting spree"
among the casualties,G who silently sat near V.
Poor girl..she was mistaken for being an intruder and she also got scolded for..
erm..sitting there (not in her place)
Before she walks out, she took our names (3 of us) .
We knew B would worsen the situation cause she had a "thing" with our teacher
therefore v explained the situation to our teacher before being sabotaged..
So lastly, case ended.. i was really lucky to have took the picture before B came in.

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