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Websites that make you wonder..

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Top 10 list of wacky site names
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  1. Whorepresents @

  2. Curious about whores? This website will clear all your doubts! Developed by whores themselves, they'll tell and explain all about their professionalism. You'll then be able understand more on the insights of this money-making prostitution business.

    Also, sexy whores are everywhere representing the website. But unfortunately, it's not a place for you to get laid.

    Real name: Who Represents. Search for celebrities' agents here.

  3. Expertsexchange @

  4. Wanna change your sex? Wait no longer, visit this site now! We have experts commenting and clarifying on how a sex change works. We'll explain how a man changes himself into a women and vice versa. Videos are included. You can now unleash your true self in an expert way; instead of going to Bangkok!

    Side note: Those Bangkok surgeons ain't experts; your boobs will sag within 6 months. We at Expertsexchange are real experts; it'll not sag at all! Money back guaranteed.

    Real name: Experts Exchange. A site for programming experts to exchange views and opinions with each other.

  5. Penisland @

  6. Need a new penis to replace your old one? Lost your penis because your wife bit it off? No worries! Here's the perfect 'land' for you! A huge collection of penises in various sizes and designs; I'm sure you'll find the perfect penis for yourself!

    We're now offering you our new product: the Detachable Penis. Just attach it when you need it! It's easy to use and the Erection Mode is just a button away!

    Real name: Pen Island. A place for you to look for pens.

  7. Therapistfinder @

  8. Need a website to find and identity a rapist? Here we have a complete database of rapists around the world. You can also register yourself as a rapist if you want to earn the prestige of being in our group. Don't worry, we'll protect you from any accusations, even though you did it.

    By joining us, you can rape anytime, anywhere without the fear of being sent to jail! Fun right?

    Real name: Therapist Finder. You can look for therapist here.

  9. Powergenitalia @

  10. Only for men! Do you have a powerful genital? Or a big one? Don't be shy! Share your experiences with us! We have over 1 million registered members currently and it's increasing by the minute. Just submit a picture of your genital and we'll approve your membership if we find it amusing powerful!

    Just a reminder for those interested. If you don't have a big powerful one, don't bother wasting our time. Just admit it; you have a small little brother.

    Real name: Italian Power Generator. Some power company I guess.

  11. Molestationnursery @

  12. Looking for a nursery that provides molestation services? Want your little kids, especially daughters, to protect themselves from being molested? Here's the right place! Find out more about our Molestation Nursery here. We'll molest, molest and molest your little kids until they're immune to it!

    Kids can now learn the Art of Molesting here in our nursery. Just with an additional fee of $100. It's cheap, isn't it?

    Real name: Mole Station Native Nursery. It's based in New South Wales.

  13. Ipanywhere @

  14. Err... I don't really know what Ipanywhere means. Anyone with a better dirty mind can explain?

    If you're looking for computer software, this is a website for you.

  15. Cummingfirst @

  16. Are you always late when it comes to cum-ming? Does your partner always complain about you about cum-ming too slow? Fret no more! Visit this website and you'll learn how to cum first! Follow our lessons and we'll guarantee that you'll be a skilled cum-mer!

    It's FOC! Join us and there'll be no more complaints when you do it the next time!

    Real name: First Cumming Methodist Church. It's a church and it has that domain for its website? Yeah, priceless.

  17. Speedofart @

  18. Are you good at speed farting? Wanna know more speed farters? Here's the right place for you. Join our contests and win prizes just by farting! Every year we'll have our annual Grand Speed Farting Competition and the winner will gain the title 'Da World Fastest Farter'!. We're also offering farting lessons for fart noobies. Don't miss the sensation of farting! It's a trend these days!

    Can't stand the smell? No worries, it'll smell good once you're used to it. Farting is cool! Puuuuttttttz! Oops! Hehehe!

    Real name: Speed of Art. It's an art designers' website.

  19. Gotahoe @

  20. Got a hoe? Wanna earn some extra cash with your hoe? Register your hoe now in our website and let our members take a look at your hoe! If they're interested, they can order a hoe service from you! As easy as that! All you need to do is just submit your hoe's details and we'll settle the rest! Oh yeah, please ensure that the hoe of yours agrees with this. We don't want any unnecessary customer complaints. Thank you!

    Now here's a website for you to get a whore, if you're disappointed with Whorepresents for not providing this service. =P

    Real name: Go Tahoe. It's a brochure website regarding Lake Tahoe.

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