Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Why Chinese shudnt have Christian names..

Haven have enough of laughter from the "wacky web" post?
hahaha..i have another...
i saw in friendster...

just to share before i go to bed n take my physics test tmr..sigh

Why Chinese shouldn't have Christian names:
Anne Chang
Anne Chin
(Mandarin) - Keep quiet
Faye Chen
(Mandarin) - Dusty
Carl Cheng
(Hokkien) - Buttock
Monica Cheng
Hokkien) - Touching your buttocks
Lucy Leow
(Hokkien) - You are dead
Jane Tan
(Mandarin) - Frying eggs
Suzie Leow
(Hokkien) - Lost till death
Henry Mah
(Mandarin) - Hate your mum
Corrine Tai
(Hokkien) - Poor fellow
Paul Chan
(Mandarin) - Bankrupt
Nelson Tan
(Mandarin) - Bird laying eggs
Leslie Tong
(Mandarin) - Rubbish bin
Carmen Teng
(Hokkien) - Leg hair long
Connie Mah
(Cantonese) - Call your mother
Danny See
(Hokkien) - Squeeze you to death
Rosie Teng
(Hokkien) - Screws and nails
Pete Tsai
(Hokkien) - Nose droppings
Macy Koh
(Cantonese) - Never die before

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