Thursday, December 11, 2008

ahh....exam days...

ahh...a glimpse of my exam days... =)

31st oct.

still doin..ok...

11th Nov


14th Nov

saw karen n karning while sik ciara n i were on the way to have our lunch in kopitiam..
these two fella going shopping...ishish...

saw rainbow on the way back...
wat's the big deal??..
good luck charm perhaps... =)

25th Nov

tension is building up...

27th Nov (Yiwei's bday)

everybody was in pre-merdeka mood.. =)

28th Nov

posing while the model of the day ciara preparing for her photoshoot..

I was the photographer for the day...

effects of exams

aha! splat!

so called last day of library celebration?!

da boss..who treated 11 hungry souls

siksik's bowl of soup..
can obviously tell she has a thing with cheese..

dun order this...

sushi king dinner.. booyah..!!

dinner costs me about RM73 bucks..

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