Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Dun worry i did not commit crime or something..

Evil Masterminds:

Ah Piew
Simon (hehe =P)

Kidnap our friend named Ciara to Genting..
Suppose to be a one day trip..but L wanted to head down to kl with moi fren..
so sudah jadi 2days trippin..
Sik's job was to call C's mom to ask permission for C to join the trip ( suppose to be just a 1 day trip plan)
then my job was to tell L and work thing out give this lil girl the surprise she wanted..
Well initially it was just a go out party and body shop perfume(the present she wanted) kinda celebration..haha


So everything turned out perfectly fine until 2days before the real thing..
Somebody eavesdropped n kinda heard our plan but dint know it was suppose to be a secret and blap out in front of C..
C, of course.. the curious cat went berserk...
finally she forced her mom to tell her everything..n tadaa..
she got to know the plan..

The good things :
she din know we have another surprise coming ..(she din know L's gonna come along)
altho she kinda know wat was goin on.. we still managed to shock her.. =)

It wasnt any perfectly planned trip..
still v have some misfortunate stuff , paranoia moments and stuff..
but it generally went well..
cause i think C was really happy..
so yeap..
a satisfied Victim..

from, Sik n Amy


Ciara Lawrent n Ah Piew hiding there..

Santa n Santarina

haha offguard!

everything was oh-so-christmassie

doesnt this pic look oh-so-wrong? lol..
trust me nothing happened..

idk wat he wants to do up there.. swt

The following pics were shot by AH Piew when he was playing with me cam :


14degrees plus a lil drizzle

place where i sat near to..waiting for him to finish work..
that was my entertainment for the night

supper- starbucks..

our fav pull apart bread, caramel macchiato, green tea frapp with extra choc chips n whipped cream.. n sausage n cheese bun which i cant rmbr the name (nt my fav)
(psst, v got staff price for all this =p)

hot n cold

spotted this baby sitting right infront genting hotel..
i was being a maniac trying to photograph this in a very misty condition..

hope the owner wont sue me for this.. =)

i know i was looking pretty ugly thruout the whole trip..

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