Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My day saved by the police =)

Just when u think they're all no good..
Think again..


Friday morning,
just after my yoga session,
happily riding back home with mom..
then suddenly
(a normal car overtaking us)

"oi why honk wo?"
"point wat point...ishh"

(this time was the patrol car...)

" sei lorr...kena saman meh...drive vv slow le worr.."

We stopped at the side of the road..anxiously waiting for the police..

"eh..u punya kereta pamcit laaa..."


"ade spare tayar?"

mom n i was like .."errrrr..."

they searched the car for it..found it then asked again
"you tau tukar a?"


without hesitating, they quickly spranged into action..
and changed it for us..
(unbelieveable?..mayb not..)

While they were busing changing the tyre...
Mom stood n chill..while me..
snippety snapping pics =)

finding for a spare tyre

They told us to drive the car to the workshop to get the tyre fixed cause the spare one is no good
then they happily rode away..
-the end-

yes..the story ended..they did not ask for $$ okay..


永遇乐 said...

Yeap, there are kind policeman anyway ;p

Ames said...

yeah..but mostly ppl will think differently of them..tat they always want $$

陈一豪 said...

Someone once mentioned that karma will bite your bottom for thinking unkindly of policemen.

I do it only when I see one who's really obese, or one that's holding a funky phone.

=chuan guan= said...


CH Voon said...

Wah... seldom see such good policeman!

This is first time - Malaysia Rekod!

Cathy said...

some is really nice.

but the way you tell out your story, it makes me think that, are they fake one??why suddenly wanna stop your car.....these day everywhere also damn scary...@@

Ames said...

to cathy: the police actually honk n pointed towards the tyres..but i did not realise wat was happening till i stopped the car.. hmmm..plus..it's in the broad daylight n at a busy road.. =)

Huai Bin said...

Good image for the men in blue for once! :)

Helped you to change the tires somemore.

NIMI♥ Co. said...

yeah yeah!!
they show they care the public

Ames said...

yeap..we're proud =)

~JoNamasoo~ said...

Fuiyoh... respek betul... *salute*

Jordan said...

Hey, this post with your clear picture touched me.. really.

I'm a Malaysian studying in Singapore, and I used to have respect for them too in the actions they do. Lost it lately when my singaporean friends start telling stories about bribing police in johore etc, but yours change my perspective again!

Cheers, sweet take care.

Das Connection

littlecicak said...

so nice of them... haha.