Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tag 2 by Ainee

Since i finished work early today (which means i'm free)
instead to posting "A" picture..i'm gonna post "A FEW"
pictures for each category =)

A Picture of You at The Most Unique Environment

Form 1

arghh dunno y it turned out this way...suppose to be the other wayy..
well just tilt ur head left then..

"Hanging" out with my friends =)

7 ji mui in Ns

A Picture of You at The Place You Dislike

complained bout it at first..but it turned out to be a place tat i'll always rmber

A Picture Of People That Means A Lot To You

including grandpa =).. i'm so taking pics with him this CNY.

And also my buddies...u guys meant a lot to me too..
but i dun have tat much pic to post laaa..
some already in this post jor..
and some occasionally appearing in my blog..hahaha..

A Picture of You With Your Best Smile (Mouth Open)

A Picture Of You With Your Best Smile (Mouth Close)

A Picture Of You With The Lamest Pose

it's not lame..but i prefer to call it the FREAK POSE..

A Picture Of Someone That Stands On Top Of Your Heart

A Picture Of You With Some Toys or Cute Stuff's siksik's present..just pose with it ni.

A Picture Of You In White Shirt

not exactly white..but it's a nice pic to rmbr

then tag 10ppl n see their nice n not nice pic
  1. karen
  2. ciara
  3. siksik
  4. bobo
  5. yiwei
  6. koklin
  7. ben
  8. liphyean
  9. Esther
  10. Joyce

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