Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cancer (copied from Andrea)


for mimi..a very special fren in my life..=) following is a description (translated) about Cancer..her horoscope..
Cancer are actually soft-hearted and easily get touched unlike their appearance of hard shells. They understand that they will easily get hurt but still believe in eternal love and thats what making them so picky. In love, cancer will always put their lover in the first place and they will do all the things true-heartedly even when they are choosing a card. But, they lack confidence because they afraid of losing their loved ones. So,they will be passionate but, also, they will ignore u when they felt that there is something wrong. Thats why cancer act differently all the time for their sensitivity and doubt. Cancer love their family and friends and they are very generous towards them. (bobo: ya mehh?) They are also ambitious and thirst for success, and they have a great sense of art deep inside their heart, therefore cancer should belong to the stage. (e.g. Jacky Cheung, Stephen Chow) No matter where they are, cancer will keep their smiles because they want the happiness to be felt by the others. And thats what i love about u mimi~!! =)

All from BOBO.. =) wheee..thanks babe..
This is so true..
I'd say 90% at least.


Hot On said...

i am also cancer leh.. haha

Ames said...

oh..haha..so is it true?

Hot On said...

u mean the belong to the stage part? haha

i belong to my house aka room aka infront of computer.. haha

Ames said...

lol.. =)