Monday, February 16, 2009


Just deleted the photos i took today!
camwhore n sushi pic
Luckily there is still some in her phone..

Today colleagues n i were feeling damn hungry..
so v thought of all those tasty tasty food available in Jusco.
Decided on Sushi in the end..
they went down n bought us a party set..

I reckon these days, sales were not that good.
maybe cause of the economy..
but seriously jusco --> EMPTY
Work was kinda boring ..

During work activities:
-Pinball session
-Applying skin care and make up
- Do my nails
- Talk n Laugh
- Complain bout this
- Sms n talking on the phone
- doing unexpected things such as giving/recieving foot n leg massage n FOOT READING..
something like palm reading..except that it uses the read..

foot reading

she digs dirts too.. lol


foot reading again

each n every stinky sweaty feet have been my supervisor.. lol
Mine kinda stink cause i did not wear socks.. hahaha..

p/s: i hope my boss doesnt see this..
gimme some tickles k =)


Ohoh.. i almost forgot..
to Lainey
List of blogshops that i often visit/that i liked:
Dainty Dresser
Lacquer and Lace
Velvet Ribbon
Luscious Lips
Soak Republic
Miss OCD
An Old Flame
actually i have more..

Actually i'm quite lazy to view each and every blogshop everytime i online..
so i always go to Diary Of An E-Shopaholic and A Shopaholic's Den for their daily reviews..
anyway..intend to cut down on shopping..
so after i recieved this batch of goods..
i'm staying away from all these for good..


NIMI♥ Co. said...

wahh i report to ur boss

Hot On said...

ur job so fun...

need to hire new staff?

Ames said...

to Ainee: dun weh..if not i die..hahahha

to Hot On: haha..unfortunately no.. wait till i resign.. hahaha