Saturday, March 14, 2009

Appreciate II

"Why do we appreciate the ones we loved only when something bad has struck us?"
By then it'll all be too late.

It's seriously hard if i go to that person and say
"I'm sorry for the things i've done and i want you to know that i appreciate everything you have done for me. I love you." then *hugs*
That would be really random aint it?
Somewhat somehow ego will kick you in the back.

Simple acts to show them u care =)
Talk/Spend time with them more often.
Call/text/email if they're far away.

Life is seriously shorter than you think it is.
That someone maybe here today
then poof*
gone tomorrow.
Or maybe you
dead n gone (Ti feat JT)

Call all your long lost friends out for a chat.
Try out dancing classes
Language classes
Eat that cuppa TomYam Maggi (slurrp..)
Start living life to the fullest.

hey peeps.
thank you for all your support.
blog more soon.
Dear friends, missing you guys .. =)
oh.and sik will be reaching in a few hours time.

****Upcoming: Had an eye on that IPHONE 3G for a really long time?. Juicy news next post.
Maybe you already know?yes?


y said...

i'm 1st! =) neway i'll appreciate u more bb..muaxs muaxs.

Ames said...

hehehe.. :) whee.. Happy shit