Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Rainy Day

Idk why rainy days get me so emo.
I was trying to sleep avoid from my lappie.
I just wana sleep cause it's cold n comfy
here i am.

Fyi, these days i have serious trouble sleeping.
My natural bad habit kept bugging me.
Bad habit--> think bout the stuff that i need to do/settle and GET TENSION.
i know swt.
Dunno why it's the first thing i do when i hit the bed.
I have a lot of things to think lately.
All those school/uni stuff la what else.
Couldnt find the time to do what i needed to.

Went of with the girls on Monday night.
I can tell you i do not want to go home that fast.
although it's 12am already
Everybody is busy with their own stuff.
Ciara is working like a cow. (quote from her blog)
Siksik busy counting money cause she's so freakin rich now. and jobless too. haha
Yy teaching
Midya busy also.
AhMei selling phones lol.
(she doesnt know i have a blog swt -.-')

Thanks to that Miss-inconsiderate (not you, Mandy)
and Mr-i-want pretty-girl-only
we're currently unable to employ a new promoter.
Which means i have to work my ass off.
This month my OT
40plus freaking hours
(i'll be getting extra munny thou)
My timetable for the past week (starts from 19th):
F, F, F, M, M, F, F, F, M(tomorrow ,26th)

F-full day 10am-10pm
M-Morning 10am-7pm

Yea whoever freaking interested and do not mind cleaning shelves every week cause of that Mr-i want-pretty-girl-only wants it clean.
Please freaking comment me.

Last but not least
Maybe some freaking pictures
it's been quite long since i've posted some pics.

happily posing with ciara's bag

Sik's vaio + my disgusting face = nice vaio


NIMI♥ Co. said...

so r u working at the same place at JJ??

Hot On said...

try consuming some alcohol b4 u sleep next time~~ :p

y said...

poor mimi..i ure frust bout all the uni stuff.try not to give urself so much pressure kayz..concentrate on ur work and get sufficient rest every night! promise me k...its hurt to noe that u couldn't sleep well lately.. :(

Ames said...

to ainee: yeaa

to Hot On: alco? not my thing..haha

to y: u're getting sweeter lerr