Saturday, March 28, 2009

Things to do during that 1 hour blackout.

In support of this movement (previous post),
i made a list of the thing you can do during that one hour of blackout
i know,
many would be reluctant to turn off their fav tv shows
or that nice super comfy air con/fan.

So here's a list of what you can do :

1. Call/text your family and friends to remind them to switch of the light
or even better persuade others to do so.(i.e your neighbours)

2. If a party/function is goin on,
try to at least switch of 30%-50% of the lightings.
Do something for the Earth is only for 1 freaking hour.
Look back at the time you waste slacking around...
1 hour is very short.
And you wont die la if your fan/air con/tv/computer is off for 1 hour.

3. Candle light dinner would be fun.

4. Gather around with friends to have a chat in the field or just outside your house.

5.Look at the stars and moon.

6. Sit and think how miserable you are without electricity so that you will APPRECIATE it more. (IT'S NOT OKAY TO WASTE ELECTRICITY!)

7. Meditate and think what more can you do to save the Earth other than wasting resources everyday.
After all, i dun think you wanna end up having blackout each n everyday.

8. Dont make yourself sweat! Cause you will have the URGE to switch on the fan


10. Do masks =)
you know you always complain that you dun have time for your face?
Now you do!
Other than saving the earth you can make yourself prettier as well.
Killing 2 birds with 1 stone.

11. Lastly (i ran outta ideas already) what else is better than to SLEEP =)
8.30pm too early?
when's the last time you had a good night sleep?
When is the last time you slept early?
Tomorrow night you can sleep kaokao!

Anymore ideas? Gimme a tickle aite. =)


NIMI♥ Co. said...

hei bby....
bukan ke we just have to switch off the lights??

Ciara said...

ehh can play hide and seek in the dark hahahaha

Ames said...

to ainee: no la! Switch off everything..! Including your pc n tv

To ciara: hahaha..Yea! Nice wei..

Hot On said...

how about.. say ghost stories?

Ames said...

to hot on: oh yea.. I think is the best entertainment :)