Sunday, April 26, 2009


I just realize that i missed blabbing here.
I have tat clappity mood to blog and write bout
watever randomness shit that comes into my mind.

I have 1 month plus of work to go
before i take my rest
and go on a perfect beach vacay.
After looking at the pics my sis took during her redang trip makes me even crazier
and also some friend of mine already bought her bikini.
it seems everyone wants a piece of the sun and beach.
ok maybe not the sun.
(ahh i couldnt find the i couldnt upload those pic of hers happily posing for the beach.)

My ability to blog seems to decrease.
I no longer blog fluently/rapidly/wtv
I will continue to blog/blab more often.
if i could.
Provided i have the right blog-environment
yes i'm fussy ya know.

Another thing is
My bank account hates me.
I spend a lot lately.
this month.
All because of that salary of mine.
The saddest part?
This month cannot hit target lo.
I'm gonna be sooo broke.

enuff of my randomness
Nites ppl =)

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