Saturday, July 25, 2009


Day started with me sitting in front of my desk alone doing assignment. wtf!
Finally finished around 3++am
And i have to be up at 7am to get ready for class.
The line was superr supeeerrr sllow.
Waiting for it to load was torture.
You can see pretty much dont have time to plan celebration.
so i thought i was another ordinary day.

Luckily i had my roomie, Isabelle who was the mastermind
had the celebration all planned out.

Class finishes at 4pm then off v go to autocity.

Wasabi ice-cream wtf!

My fav curry udon, salmon sushi, unagi handroll yumm

Roomies =)

They wanna capture my unglamness while eating sushi

But i'm camera-sensitive.

Eating handroll glamly was the hardest part.
i took a few bites then stuff the rest into my mouth lol.

partial unglamness.

Thanks for all the 9 awesome girls, who celebrated my birthday with me.
To be honest, i've never had this much of a celebration since god knows
(although i had to display a little unglamnesssss)
Really thankful that i've met you guys here in Uni. =)
Oh also not forgetting those sweeet ppl out there who sacrificed their time and credit
just to leave me a birthday wish.


ainee si ketua pari2 said...

memang sangat happenning!!!
again hepi bday ames baby

Ames said...

thanks a lot dearrrrr muaxssss