Monday, July 27, 2009

Undo those mess i've made

It's been a month since i first entered uni.
and i already felt like my life's a clutter.

I agreed the fact that i cannot run away from those assignments and tutorials.
but it aint all that.
Sometimes it is something bout me that i can change.
but still struggling to make a move.

As the normal procrastinator self,
i ignore and move on
til everything is decided/done last minute.

There are still a lot to be settled.
I felt i'm like a mess.
I wanna make things right.
Undo those mess i've made.
But where do i start?

Maybe that i,
i'm already more relaxed than the previous week..
i have lots in mind to think about.
putting deep thoughts into all matters.
Well not exactly all but i'm trying.

how i wished that guitar of mine is here.
Enough rantings for today.
Good luck to me =)

Quick Shout out to Mummy dearest =)
you're the best mom everrrrrrrr
just tell me what you want kay??

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