Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ames á Ipoh

I'm back again.
Just got the news that my aunt from Singapore will be visiting us.
and karen n ning made plans for our routine meet up.

*Reminds self to study wtf*

Btw i'm typing in the dark,
because my sister is sleeping already.
I usually sleep alone..
and both of my sisters sleep together in another room.
Apparently, the eldest sister of mine contracted some virus from her friend
maybe H1N1 wtf
and she fell sick.
Taking all the safety precautions (mom) , we have to quarantine her and make her wear masks!
(like how mom made me..muahahahaha)

so i'm going really slow
cause it's dark and the keyboard protector is making extra hard.
Always also press wrong button.

I got home today at 3pm ++
Mom tagged me along (actually i tagged myself along)
to Parade for the Members' Day event.
She wanted to buy stuff.
So i put mine into her bill too.

Random pics

Lookie what i saw today:

Flying baby lizard!
Lol.. this prolly would freak Bobo out.
and Chileng. (biii huuu)

Ipoh taugeh chicken kuehtiaw

fat and juicy taugehhs


I'm still trying to figure my way out to fix this layout...
Anyone speaks html? (wtf)
Please help me.
Omg i dunno where i can go get back my link list..



JenKin Yat said...

i used to have a keyboard protector..damn hard to use..deciding to screw it off..

the taugehs look stimssss..hungry la wei T_T


Ames said...

Hahahahaa..i wanna screw it off...but it'll be pretty dusty worr.. i wanted to get better ones with caps for each buttons...

Taugeh stimness lol

JenKin Yat said...

look what i found in my mail when i'm emo wtf