Thursday, September 3, 2009

A journey to Strawberry Mountain.

***Update: the rest of the photos are up!

Journey started with sole intentions of going to Tg.Tualang to get fresh Prawns.
While on the way,
Dad made a notorious turning.

(=.=') Strike 1!

I got the notice that plan changed!
we'll be going to strawberry Mountain aka Cameron Highlands wtf..
like suddenly cause aunt says she hasnt been there since forever..

(=.=') Strike 2!

I have no sweater and i'm wearing a shirtdress (means no pants)

(=.=') Strike 3!


1.Halfway up the mountain.

Aunt and both of my sisters

2. Green View Garden

Oo i found them really really adorable.
Those little ones (actually not little also la compared to those u see in pet shop..)
at the side reminds me to the pair i had..
Missed them so much!

Haha mom and i =)

3. Water Cress Valley

It's sooo pretty i just couldnt resist posting another photo of it =)

Superb view


4. Tea House

Strawberry cheese cake =)

The 5th place we went were the strawberry farm near Equatorial Hotel.
Din get to take any pics cause i was busy plucking (and secretly eating) strawberries.
I think it's really pricey
Cause RM20 for 1/2 kg.
and only 3 person are allowed to enter the farm to pluck.
and they dun really have a lot of strawberries anymore cause all being plucked by early birds.
And there are quite a number of workers supervising the farm
so that we can secretly stash strawberries into our mouths (we did!)
They saw us doing that and my aunt was pretty witty telling them that they're cheating our money
cause not much strawberries left but we still have to pay that much.


Zwei said...

amy..i love your shirtdress!!can u be my fashion consultant?? XD

Ames said...

hehehee.. i guess

ainee si ketua pari2 said...

ur mum and ur aunty also gila-gila like u..hehhehe!!<33 cameron..

after habis puasa i want to go there and snap snap pics

Ames said...

actually i din know there were this gilaa..
hahaha i mao makan kuih raya