Saturday, October 3, 2009

Happy Mid Autumn / Mooncake Fest!

I'm just blogging to escape from my work take a break.
*shifty eyes*
Ever w0nder why
when i said that i'm busy
but still i have time/still wanted to update the blog?

1. The blog is like a sanctuary for me.
Not exactly holy..
but i get to at least rest my mind from unpleasant stuff at least for awhile.

2. Blogging takes me bout 15 minutes or so.
Compatible with scheduled break time.
Plus, 15 mins is too short for a nap anyway :P

3. i love seeing comments!
Call me attention whore.
Regardless what is written
(except rude comments pls)
I dun like the idea of the blog being silent..
making me the only one here.
writing rants for myself to see.

4. Blogging earns? (still working on it lol)


Ladies and Gentlemen i've been experiencing turbulence in WIFI lately.
Couldnt open a single page.
Even the normal google homepage.
have to refresh a thousand times to get 1 page to load.
God bless my assignment



wind_feng said...

sounds like the tsunami has caught your wifi as well. XD

Ames said...

yes =(