Thursday, October 15, 2009

Munching on Lurve again.

It's hard to type and munch at the same time.
I've been munching on a lotta stuff lately
i do it all the time.
During class, in the room,
after dinner.

Having this unusual urge to eat and nibble on something
makes my supply of food getting lesser by day.

Just finished my LURVE =)

Anyways i have about less than a month
till sem 1 ends. Phew.
Which also means finals coming in bout 2 weeks time.

Munchy face.

green tea ice cream anyone??

Ok maybe i shudnt eat that much.


Zwei said...

yes!semester is ending soon! so fast~ =.=

NIMI said...

babe, i tak suka the green ice cream..tak sedap

Ames said...

[zwei]: yea.. when's ur finals?

[ainee]: ohh..nice laaa =)ahahahaa i also like choco mint and rum raisins =)