Monday, November 23, 2009

1 week of hols.

A week just passed.
Not as unproductive as i thought i would be..
but still far from what i wanted to achieve..
Well simply means simple things i've settled,
but big and important stuffs are still sitting on the top of my to-do-list.

I've been cranky, grumpy and gloomy all over the week(till now)
Like an old woman.
Things and people get on my nerve easily.
The funny thing was i do get on my own nerve as well.
I'm so weird.

the cranky woman.
(with freaky hands at the back.)

btw i stole this pic from Sam =)
Picture taken at yesterday's gathering.

Anyways before the gathering,
i was out for dinner with my sis
after that
we were found wondering around the Popular Book Fair area
I saw some pretty good books around
and since i'm so free during my hols
i shud start reading again.
It's been so long since i've hog on books.
Well ever since internet and faceBOOK became so popular
i hardly read any (except for Uni/School of course.)
btw those Uni/School ones arent books.
They're more like naggingly long TEXTS.
You read but get nothing out of it.

2 books that caught my eye =)

Showing another version of the budget.
Statistical lowdown of how OUR money is spent.

A collection of Chinese Taboos.
Cute illustrations and yes many taboos that we've heard are inside.
pretty interesting.

I'm currently on a book that i shud have read years ago
Really popular book
"Rich Dad Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki.

Currently listening to -  Down to Earth by Justin Bieber

I'll have this song playing repeatedly until i fall asleep.

Till then

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