Monday, November 30, 2009

202nd post yo!

This is my 202nd post yo!

mask + blogging time
 literally this time.

 This is one of the mask that i like
I think blackheads are IMMORTAL .
So regular cleanups has to be done.

1. Squeeze the black "goo" out of the tube.
2. Apply evenly and not too thin (cause it's be really hard to peel if it's not.)
3. Wait for it to dry & harden

aiks dirty nose.


Prior to this, i did a scrub mask to help soften blackheads .
Hence the effect of the peel off mask will be better =).

Well if you really wanted a maximum result,
After the peel off mask,
you could do a soothing & hydration mask.

Then you'll get clear and hydrated skin =)

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