Sunday, November 15, 2009

Home =)

I'm finally back home!
Goodbye USM (for a month)
and Hello HOME!

It's gonna be a short 1 month holidays.
I already have a rough outline of how i'm gonna make use of it.
But still everything is under lots of considerations.
And i've yet to unpack =.='
Because of all the dust inhaled during the packing process my sinus problem starting to come back.
feel like chopping down my nose anytime now

Yesterday's dinner.







Note to Belle if you're reading this:
' You're not alone cause i have seriously gained weight'
Parts of me have just *ahem* WIDENED =(


Zwei said...

oh! u r home! i am jealous~~ >.< i still got 4 more papers to go! will b back next week though...i can't wait!! ;)

kenwooi said...

crab meat!!! =D

Ames said...

[zwei]: come back soon! good luckk!