Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sleepless Night

I hereby summarize my 1st week of exam: 

  • 1st day of battle, lost miserably to Material. Maybe it secretly hates me (unlike mechanics and i). wtf.
  • 2nd day of battle, i regained some glory from Maths. but still no good. I dun have enough time.
  • 3rd day of battle, "no eye see" already Mechanics and i hated each otherrr.

 I have 2 more papers to go. French on wed and Polymer on Thurs.
Goodness and i wasnt that keen on studying now.


Anyways I had a "StayOver" thing yesterday with PS1, Kaye and HooiLeng at Ps1's room.
We all stayed up all night.
HL and I  ko-ed at around 6 something.
The thing ended at 7am.
It was so hardcore. I wasnt feeling sleepy at all till the part where everyone settles down at Ps's bed
watching Stephen Chow's movie.
It must have been the effect of the cappuccino i had earlier *blames*
Activities include nail paintings, chit chatting, mask, movie, webcamwhoring (lol) ...

Warning: Pics ahead are extremely random. Viewers discretion is advised. Not suitable for minors.

cute =)



Ps1 . Me. HL. Kaye


Pro 1

Pro 2

Student 1

Student 2 (Phail!)













Those are what you get when you're up with your friends at wee hours.
It's getting late.
I shud go before another set of photos like these are created. wtf.
Nighty =)


JokeR said...

not bad wat..
stil can relax...

Ames said...

yeapp !