Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Accurate much?!

I have a weird habit of reading my horoscope at the end of the day.
And i'll be amazed if the horoscope for that particular day is really accurate.

Like this as for today:

Things may be confusing and in flux today, making it difficult for you to decide which way to go, Cancer. The only thing you can do is to hold to the center, and put your faith in your relationships with others. Concentrate on self improvement, and what you will gain by not being drawn off into a fruitless direction. There may be pressure on you from others, or they may be forcing you to work too fast for proper caution, safety, or success. Your principles are more important than others' demands, especially today

 I'm sure it's a common question for people to ask 
"Do you believe in horoscope or some sort of forecasts?"

For me..
It's just something interesting that i would like to know.
Serves only as reference i'd say.




p/s: miss starbucks with you all la kawan love.

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