Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Should I make Christmas dinner?

Eating out will be like jumping off a cliff.
  Wait for an hour then get crappy food.

For the record i've made christmas dinner before.
Despite no table decorations and candlelight.
It turned out really nice!


 Not bad eh?

Ok i'm still indecisive bout the matter.

Jumping off the topic..
Happy Winter Solstice =)

It has always been a favourite tradition of mine
to wake up early in the morning
and make tong yuen (glutinous rice balls)

 I'm hooked on making tong yuen since small.
Not that mom forces me to do so
but i volunteered myself for the job.
Now, i'm the only one excited bout making them. [maybe the only 1 eating them =( ]
Mom once told me she was gonna buy them instead making them
then i quickly told her not to.
So since then it has become my tradition.


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