Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Online Shopping

Online shopping has become prevalent in my life.
The fact that i sit in front of the computer most of the time
especially when i'm in Uni
Often caught by my roomies looking at clothes online.
I was just surfing around *shifty eyes*

I switch on the computer
Tab 1 : My blog
Tab 2 : Facebook
Subsequent tabs are The Star Online , my email, or stalk other ppl's blog etc etc..

So when i got back to Ipoh the only shopping places are boutiques around town
I noticed some items that were sold online in the boutique.
I went to check on the price.
Wayyyy pricier than what i've seen.

Ok pricier i can understand.
but about 40%-60% higher in price.

Harder to shop in Ipoh now.

Maybe some are still skeptical bout shopping online.
Some (including myself) are being extra careful when shoppin online.

Not only talking bout the integrity of a blogshop.
but the quality of clothes and most importantly cutting and SIZE.
I'm petite so i'm afraid clothes might not fit that well on me.
Some may look nice on the model but not on me perhaps.

So what i'll do is i find the shop whose model is similar in size to myself.
The best way is always to check the measurements.
Especially for shoes.
Sometimes i go to boutiques and
try on the stuff i saw online and make comparison with the recommended sizing online.
Then i'll prolly know how big/small  is the recommended (i.e UK6-UK10) sizing.

Besides clothes, i made a fuss on buying contact lenses online.
Glad that fuss is over =)

 i typed and typed and typed.
And i made this long wordy post.
share if you have anything regarding online shopping =)

Blog =)

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