Sunday, February 7, 2010

Another day has gone.

A picture speaks one thousand words.
Pictures are memories captured in film.
At least it's there to stay and for you to reminisce

Pictures and photos reminds me of events, people and random random things you could never think of.
It reminds me of the people i cared most, 
it reminds me of happy moments sad moments awkward moments WTF moments..

Looking back how little photos i took with the ones who had left 
made me teared to know that no matter what i do
there's no way for me to have a picture with them now.

When you're too high up above the ground and lost in whatever that you're doing.
These photos always reminds me where i stand and where i should be.

I consider myself lost for the time being,
I'm putting strong reminder to myself 
but it seemed to wear off very quickly.

It's getting complicated.
I mean i'm getting really complicated.

your emo fish.

1 comment:

Zwei said...

u look tired well. >.<