Saturday, March 20, 2010

4 Months to go.

Today, Jiawen reminded me that i have only 4 months to go
and then I'm no longer a teenager.
At least in my dictionary, the term teenager still apply as long as i'm below 21. *toothy grin*

4 more month and Hello Genting Casino. wtf.
Well to be precise i have a list of what i wanted to do b4 21st or at least on 21st. 
And to the casino is included inside lol.
I've always been the loner in the family cause every member of the family will want to go
try their luck but unfortunately 1 will be asked to babysit accompany me. 
so what i did was to ask them not to worry and give me some $$ so that i could walk around myself.
Muahaha.. ok it sounded more like bribing..

Anyways, there are still things on my "BEFORE I TURN 21ST...." list that have yet to be crossed out.
I'm uber excited =)

 Random : My new spongebob skin ♥ ♥


Zwei said...

i went in the casino already luu... XP hehe~

Ames said...

so fast?? i tried to go it. but kena check. =.='