Friday, April 9, 2010

Pangkor 3

The trip was a blast.
Very relaxing.
Altho the weather during daytime was blistering hot,
but the wind from the sea cools everyone down.
We were all tempted to take dip in the sea during midday.
The 1st stop of the trip is to Pangkor Island Beach Resort.
5-Star hotel with super view of the beach.
My sister had some inquiry bout her big day 
so she's considering places and so..

Next stop is to our place to stay.

kinda like a double storey hotel room lol.

With 2double beds.
They have surprisingly large beds
 cz each could fit 3. 

we went touring around the island.

epicly huge fish 

sister caught me trying to pull off my cheerleader

Thanks to snorkelling 

the must-have bday tradition =)

family photo. abit phail.

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