Saturday, April 3, 2010

When hunger strikes! (+ pangkor pics)

I'm just having so many cravings right now..
Soooooo hungry wtf.

okay my cravings are mainly japanese food.
I'm using the previous chanting method *click* taught by my roomie


Pangkor Pics!

I finally found a way to get my pics uploaded.
The line is too slow to have those pics of mine uploaded
and i've resorted to resizing my pics.
Even with this, it still took me forever.

upon arrival =) 

Pangkor Island Beach Resort. (not the place i stayed in)

Bday cupcakes for Sis all the way from KL-Pangkor.

sis and i 

I still have a lot more
That's all fer now.. 
Toodles y'all!

*p/s: Follow me will you?

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