Monday, May 10, 2010

How Mom got so high on Tea.

If your mom meets the criteria as follows:-

1. Loves the combination of bread and coffee
2. Couldnt live without her morning coffee
3. Adores any form of  pastries
4. Works hard as a Housekeeping Manager (at

highly recommend you to pamper her with a fancy high tea session.

Ritz-Carlton located right behind J.W Marriott Hotel which is just opposite of Pavilion.

the menu

1 set can serve 2pax 
so we've ordered 2sets to feed 4 hungry souls.

love their table setting.
and i'm pretty much in love with the whole interior design of the hotel
Old English style ♥♥

Queen of our hearts.

array diff fruits and herbal teas to choose from.
the top rack are all fruit teas.
and bottom racks are herbal teas.
they actually have a small bottle sort of like a fragrant tester so that you could smell and decide on which to choose.

soft peach tea.
tastes sour but just right after 1 or 2 cubes of sugar. 

milk n sugar




say helloo to boss =)

berries tartlets 
with gold flakes and chocolate at the bottom

mini mango cheese cake 
*3 thumbs up* 
(fyi- i dun have 3 thumbs so raise urs up to join mine )

womanly gestures.

lookalikes =)

 satisfied customers =)

Happy Mothers' Day Mommy Dearest!
i'm sure you are still high on tea =D


Benedict said...

my fren is the lounge manager there. how was it? nice? haha...

Ames said...

oh really? it was really nice =)