Saturday, June 19, 2010

Father's Day

Helloo Internet!
and Helloo Cameron Highlands again..
that is where i will head for the weekends.
Since i've brought mommy to an exclusive high tea session in KL
The sisters are planning for another high tea for daddy all the wayyy up in cameron highlands =)
Imagine cool fresh air,
evergreen garden
and 3 tier goodness!

Besides celebrating Father's Day..
we're also there to survey the place for my sister's big day..
and i need to see the environment before i decide what to wear on that day.
lol.. very important okay.
i'm not just any bridesmaid.. i'm the Maid of Honour
which doesnt serve any purpose in this case though

J.CO have the cutest donuts everrrrrr!

Does this bother you?
*especially when u're hungry*

Seafood bihun yummy i tell u
I'm soo hungry !!

yummiest butter + sugar toast ever!

cameron better feed me good tomorrow!

Goodnight Internet! 
*hungrynesss zomg*

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