Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tongue Bleed

after i ate a piece of chocolate.
I dunno how it happened.
Very very rare moment.
I popped that piece of choc into my mouth then chew on it like normal.
After swallowing it.. i felt sharp pain on my tongue.
Gave me a shock when i look into the mirror and saw blood oozing out from the tongue.
I was like "shit tongue bleeding"
No pictures of the tongue unfortunately
i wouldnt want you people cry!
hahahahahaha *syoksendiri*

Karen's 21st bday bash pics.
enjoy =D

hugass gorgeous cake =)

seconds before getting splat

she "adores" winnie the pooh.

seafood bihun

 melted butter and sugar toast again.

Nonchalantly added 2 unrelated photos
because i am hungry right now.
yes again.
So i was the before-bed-must-be-hungry thing.

have some reading to do.
Toodles y'all

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