Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Yellow nose for Birthday

Sorry for the disappearance.
Ok this time i wasnt really busy,
I was just damn right lazy.
Just lost the momentum to blog 
The blog is so dead =(
Pretty please dun abandon it *begs*

To revive the blog i'm giving the blog a quick CPR
with my birthday post! =) 
(altho i think i'm the only one excited bout it =.='')
Bear with me people =)
I'll assure you'll get to catch some cake-smack-right-into-my-face action.

the cake courtesy of Karen Karning Amie Kong and Kelvin Khoo



group pic =) These girls gave me huge amount of public humiliation in one night.
First it was with the 3 piece "nomad" band on house who came up to me and surprise me with a bday song.
then it was cake smack into face.

love em to bits



ningie =)



Okay i give u 10 more seconds to stare and laugh before proceeding to the next pic

Everyone wants to have a picture with the birthday girl
(who have a part of the cake temporarily on face =.=')
I'm pretty sure it was this person who did it.


Amie did a little snippety-snapping while i busily washing up

done =)

I was pretty sure i'm done washing all out by still i end up having a yellow nose for the rest of the night =(

Anyways i would like to thank 
My family for P
Karen, Amie, Ning, Kelvin and Kong for this smack in the face bday celebration,
Yy love for that very sweet post and also the pressie,
Material girls and Roomies for giving me a huge-o surprise and the pressie
Meiwenn for those lovely earrings
Jeffrey for Sushi King dinner + birthday song lol
Mr.P for a great celebration =)
and also 8837489237482942 people and facebook users who wished Happy Birthday =)

This post is for you guys 
(eh very rare u'll see me get smacked ok? so appreciate ah!)

Love, Amy


Ainee Cumi said...

wahhh!!! ames the yellow nose
ahahhaah! padan muka u!

Ainee Cumi said...

neway hepi bday ames ho..