Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ipod Touch

There are much rumours circulating around about the new Ipod touch.
The new Ipod have said to be released in September this year
and the new touch will be having a back camera.
I clicked myself into this website for some much needed info of how true is that rumour..
and here i found this interesting poll.
If you can see, please note the option circled in red.

Referring to what SikSik said to me yesterday,
Now Iphones are everywhere in Singapore.
The other day, she say this creepy Ah Pek (old uncle) watching porno with his Iphone in the train.
No wonder then have the option circled in red.

I wanted an Iphone without to phone
that leads me to an Ipod Touch.
So the new one better be good!

I would say..It should have a nice Camera with flash. and maybe 3g.
What say you?


Zwei said...

that will make it complete. :) but gadgets are hardly ever complete? :(

Ames said...

cause demands getting more n more..
and also need to consider bout the market price.