Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"There is no such thing as too much makeup...

just BADLY APPLIED Makeup." 

I quote this from Xiaxue.
I found this very true. lol
Nowadays, it's all about achieving a natural look using makeup.
Sounds contradictory enough.
Using MAKEUP to look natural?
 Like what my friend's mom told me,
"There is no ugly women only lazy ones."
This saying is still in my mind till now.
To motivate me to keep my skin and body healthy.
Eating right and not stuffing myself blinding with food *shy*

Speaking of food.
Last Friday, I went to have dimsum in the morning with my usual bunch.
(note: i have class on that day from 9am -12pm)
Being a good student, *ahem*
of course i did not skip class just to go for dimsum.
Instead.. a lot of peeps were thrown out of class that morning.
(including some who had test in the morning)
Suppose to have a class from 9am to 10am in my faculty 
then at 10am  walked to the lecture hall for another class.
The lecturer did not allow students to come in after 10am and told that the class has started.
He asked students to join next wed's class instead.
There were just a handful of ppl in the lecture hall.
Oh well.. 
so dimsum we went.

I found lifesize monopoly =)

I have a presentation to do tmr.


Ainee Cumi said...

ames! u look gorjes ind at picture..
natural makeup ehh?? Teach me lahh..heheheh!

Ames said...

thanks dear! must meet up during raya i tell u!!!!! erm.. natural makeup.. i'm also learning..but all the time i just put on bb cream and mascara. i super love that bb cream i am using