Thursday, September 30, 2010


In case you did not notice..i'm doing fine without fb.
I just think that my procrastination habit makes things so hard. 
Itchy hands of mine just kept clicking on fb and then browsing till there's nothing more to browse..
but ...ppl constantly updating..even in the middle of the night.
Aimlessly roaming fb kills all my time.
So now i must find alternative entertainment.
But there are limited webs for me to surf
then it sort of
 pushed me into doing my work since there's nothing to do in front of the computer.

I'll invest more time on Sleeping cause the world is so not fair. 
I dun get enough sleep i'll get like 3inch diameter black rings around my eyes 
Some just sleep for like 2-4hours and they look perfectly fine the next morning!

And exercise more too! It's getting pretty addictive =)
hahaaa.. yes it is! 

Let's see how long i can do without fb. =)
Meanwhile you'll get to see my updates pretty often.


I remember telling people,
"People with the surname Ho are very random"
This includes my roomie who shares the same surname as i do 
and we both agree that it's a fact!

I recieved a morning phone call from my sister in  lazy Sunday morning
 telling me that the family is coming over.
Apparently my elder sister were to come over with a friend to visit somebody in the hospital 
but it got cancelled because her friend fell sick in the morning ( ???)

Mom asked dad to take her to the market to grab some groceries 
but he refuses because he thought she was tagging along the initial trip
Mom explained and quickly told him, since they (my sisters) are here she might as well cook for them.
Dad was pretty swift. He responded by bringing my mom and my sisters to Penang instead.
*slaps forehead*

Went scouting for good ol' traditional mooncake in Campbell Street.

try not to look behind.

Sleep now =)



happy living without FB. haha!
that's why can't see u appear in FB recently.

anyway, enjoy your life with what u want to do~ stay pretty~

Ames said...

thanks for the support =)