Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Things that i love to do most...

..is not Camwhoring.

No.1 in my list of favourite to-dos is shopping and dressing up.
I put "IS" because shopping and dressing up goes together like Tom and Jerry (=.='')
Sometimes i would just dress up very nicely to some random yumcha place or even to a friend's house.
I often get comments like " you wear so nice for what wo?"
I answered them by telling them i do not get to dress up nicely in Uni so when i'm back i must fully utilize the opportunity =.=''

The truth is... Uni or not. I love dressing up.
Especially when i have a buddy who joins me occasionally =)

Yesh i'm secretly a Barbie. *shy*

Typical me would spent too much time on picking out an outfit.
Hence, no makeup look. *evenmoreshy*

Yumcha at Wong Kok

i have excess baggage. @_@

kawan love

outfit post minus parkinson.

Good Nighty Internet =)

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