Monday, September 6, 2010

Think Snap Fail!

Yep, I'm pretty much a "think-snap fail" person.
I have too many random pictures in my phone
thus making it super lag.. like urgh.
Imma think-snap fail because 
I snap-snap and snap then only i think.
That's the reason y i have so much random photos in my phone.

For today's random session,

uno stacko =)
Had dinner + birthday celebration for a friend.
and we sort of did this after dinner while everybody busy chatting.

this game is soo intense 
 equivalent or even more intense than the racing game in your playstation.


Toothpaste from UK

dun judge me.
I haven seen this type of toothpaste before okay

I was having a majorrr panda problem..
like i couldnt get those dark "eyeshadow" off my eyes.
On the side note however,
i look rather vampire-ish.. (pale + dark eye"shadow")

i think calvin saw my Happy Fingers post
so he suggests that i should get mario nail.
Sooo epic.

Ok that much random photos for now.
i shall not feed u more.

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