Thursday, October 14, 2010

How do you evaluate success?

Had a casual interview with my lecturer yesterday..
So he asks "How do you evaluate success?"
Without thinking i answered "Happiness" with a big fat smile planted on my face.
I think this was out of the norm cause he had this smiley surprisey face which kinda looks like 
"omg..what was going through her mind"
i had this split second thought and then i added " oh! and health! "
The next thing i knew..he started laughing.
Then he gained interest in hearing what i have to say next. 

#Score 1 for being unpredictable. 

Dun judge me and think that i'm gullible or naive or nonsensical.
Hey i am just saying that i want to be happy doesnt matter if i'm not super billion trillionaire rich.
there are always things that money cant buy.
We humans created money then we turned ourselves into slaves for money.
Wait.. who is smarter?? Money or Human??

No doubt $$$ is important i think we cant survive without it either.
(but it is not all.)

To show you i'm not the least bit against money.
Here's a perfect example of me enjoying money-can-buy happiness =D

 Score! =) *claps*
fyi, my mouth still stuffed with sushi that's y i have that "stuffed" smile

 this is to show you how much my tummy have expanded

fyi: i ate 10plates of sushi =.=''

last picture of the day:

Based on its number of occurrences in this post.. 
now you know which sushi is my top no.1 fav. 

Toodles ppl.


Bean said...

i oso jz go sushi bonanza.... haha!!!

JaniceW said...


Ames said...

hahaha yesyes i went.
i ate 10plates of sushi. i think about 6plates is salmon. hahahahaa

Bean said...

haha... i eat 2 plates salmon, but 4 plates Unagi!! haha

Ames said...

i couldnt get enough of salmon. =)
haha unagi is great too.. i have a few =)

Zwei said...

aik! the salmon is longer than the ones i had!! >.<

Ames said...

haha yea i think that the sushi king in autocity is better than ipoh's


wow! u are damn geng! 10 plates~haha!
taiping one also not bad~