Sunday, January 23, 2011

Kill time 101

*** Updated! Refer below.

My patience was tested throughout the entire week.
I'm not sure whether i'm experiencing PMS or some other kind of emotional disorder 
or i am just having a plain bad week (pretty bummed for the start of the yr)
which leaves me feeling easily annoyed + moody most of the time.
I still have not lose my sillyness though. 
But all these have to stop immediately!
I cannot behave like angry bird all the time.

*ditch emoness and flips hair*

*prays that i can have octopus/anaconda hair all the time*

Dun be frightened by the term octopus/anaconda hair.
I will educate you on those in the next post.
Meantime, have fun imagining what it is and how it looks like.

Last night was my faculty's dinner night,
i have zero idea when i was called upstage and they presented me a darlie, toothpaste that is.
Super blur.. i went ask around only to find that i have won Best Smile Award.
I had a split second thought that these people thinks that i have ugly teeth
because they think i no use toothpaste/ no brushteeth.
hence toothpaste award.

Clarification: When someone gives you deodorant, means you have a serious case of  body odour.
So when i recieved toothpaste, means there's something wrong with my teeth.


Zwei said...

major LOL on the toothpaste award!! XD they must be trying too hard to make the award special. just a guess. ;)

prince said...

no right la..
your teeth so nice...

Ames said...

zwei: Lol! Agree! but it was pretty funny laaaa

prince: thank you.. so sweet of you =D

the one give u award said...

ur smile nice geh.hahaha

Ames said...

[zwei]: haha.. it's quite good cz i dun not need to buy anymore toothpaste this yr

Ames said...

[the one give u award]: thanks.. but i dun quite reckon who gave me the award..