Saturday, February 26, 2011

Gone baby gone.

I am going to the salon early in the morning to have my dead hair chopped off.
I think i have explained this to 23472384723942 person
That i am going to cut it real short because i had a wedding to attend to.
My sister's wedding to be exact.
I need to look normal with simple curled locks on that day.
Cause my face will probably appear in pictures a gazillion time
and it will be kept and referred to always till forever.
Mayyjuhh major deal.
Since i couldnt stand my "dead locks" anymore..
Chopping of part of it is the best solution for now. 
Just get those dead parts out of my hair.
In consequence, i have to bear with weird length of hair till June.
And then. i'll have it cut real short after that.

Recap of my hair during cny.
 Ignore that red spot on face tq.

Nighty y'all

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