Thursday, June 2, 2011


I left my Toufu phone in Penang =.='
So i'm using my "High Tech" phone insisted!
But fret not i've hired a professional Telephone Jaga bob to answer all my calls 
and even reply smses.
*evil laughs*

I intend to blog about Penang trip but all the photos are in ze phone.

 To make up for this..I present you my best 007 pose.


Do whip out your best 007 pose

Location : Campbell Street.

This week it's going to be intense! 
I haven got anything to wear for an event this weekend..
I went shopping MALLS but i did not shop for my outfit
After rummaging both my sisters and my closet.. i'm starting to worry
as i have nothing to wear.
*Slapself again*
Apart from that.. i haven exactly got started on the task the QUEEN (my sister) gave me.
she called and asked.. i had 0 idea in mind

Gtg nao
Good night internet

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