Thursday, June 9, 2011

Miss Bangs

 I'm officially Miss Bangs 
I love having bangs (altho it makes me look stupid =.=')

The truth is
I have been pretty much envious of those girls with pretty pretty bangs..
So i've decided to give bangs a go considering it is a bold move since this weekend is The Big Event
where tons of pictures will be taken and UGLY hair will live on forever in those pictures.

Result from my bold decision, i had to suffer a pimple outbreak now 
(Remindself: the wedding is just 3 days away!)
I just need to cover whole forehead with me bangs.

not to forget..
i need to lift my bangs every now and then to let the heat out as my forehead is burning!
(nesting heat and sweat)



prince said...

nice bangs geh... i like!!

eMiLy said...

looking pretty! i like this new look. thumbs up~

Ainee Cumi said...


Zwei said...

oh the pimples!! >< but u look cute with it. :) maybe u should clip them up these days at home and hope it will be better on the big day,eh?

Ames said...

prince: thanksss =D

emily: hahah thanks! At least my daring attempt paid off!

Ainee: lol.. i wanna put big bow on hair like uuuu!

Szewei: oh! thanks szeee!

ahjoy said...

hey, this hairstyle suits u lots....look very very superb..

Ames said...

joy: thankss =D

Anonymous said...

You look gorgeous!
I always wanted bangs like abbey lee: bangs

Ames said...

thankss =)