Monday, September 5, 2011

Tell Me When The Sem Break Ends

I've been MIA long enuff to have another round of updates on how my semester break went.

1st week - Off to KL right after my finals.
2nd week - Chill in Ipoh 
3rd week - Worked for PC Fair
4th week - Penang to visit the bf.

1st week - Hennessy Artistry on Friday then head off to KL on the next day.
2nd week - Cameron for my Sister's big big day.
3rd week - Pack and prep for HK+macau
4th week - HK + Macau

1st week - Chill in Ipoh
2nd week - Penang for Hennessy Artistry + Mini BFF trip.
3rd week - Bon Odori Penang + Birthday Celebration in Penang
4th week - Worked at Sony Centre

1st week - Worked at Sony Centre
2nd week - My uncle and cousin paid us a visit.
3rd week - Worked at Sony Centre
4th week - Singapore Trip 
Will be enjoying the rest of my holidays chilling and lazing in Ipoh.

 Talk bout break.. It's ending real soon =(
The sad thing is i always blog about the end of my semester break
(and how dreadful it is to be back in Uni) 
 Scrap that thought. 
Pics from my overdued BFF trip.
(from the summary above you can prolly know how outdated are these pics)

 the best seafood beehoon soup yums.

Drove Ciara's car in Penang and I manage to direct myself to get good food!
( Ciara doing her intern in penang. She left her car with me cause she had to work.)

 p.s : I forgotten to edit those pics. Hence sucky colors and lightings.

Nighty peeps.

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JenKin Yat said...

fwah 4months holidays in just..count count...22 lines! LOL!