Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Lappie revived

Can you believe my 4years old laptop just woke up from COMA?
To tell you the truth..i thought it is dead rather than being in the state of coma. 
Basically the god of computer revived it! Yay!
Le sister came to my room one day, saw my lappie and go "eh who's laptop isit? "
  she thought i got a new one instead.

Looking at 14inches widescreen display is so much more fun than having to squint my eyes looking at tiny 10 inch display of le netbook. Not to mention my awesome built in altec lansing speakerss =)
The god said altho it is revived, it may be down again cause it is pretty old already.
Let's just hope it survived for another 2 years just in time for me to finish uni. *stingy*


After so many years, i finally get to experience Jogoya Japanese Buffet @ Starhill Gallery.
My sister gave me a look and said " Not nice d wor! "
I dun even know how nice is NICE to began with.
But anyways, it was actually really bad.
Considering the price i've paid, the food quality is just plain bad.
Except for Haagen dazs of course.
Pretty disappointing to find that almost all the seafood served is not fresh.
I know right.

Blurry pics ahead. Because i was super hungry at that moment.


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