Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ecco Cafe @ Chulia Street Penang.

It has been raining non stop since the tsunami scare arises. 
I'm glad the tsunami warning has been lifted. 
At least for now everyone dun have to think bout the end of the world.

Ohai. I just got back from Cameron and it was really fun!
The family rented the Shell bungalow and the stay there was pretty amazing.
We requested for a barbeque dinner, mom suggested that we wear maxi dresses at night so maybe we can take a lot of pretty picture.. cause after all maxi dresses are permitted in the absence of blazing hot weather.
Hence, maxi dresses it is. 
Turns out, we have to barbeque our own food (i knew it!)
Nevertheless, we (or at least i think for me) had a fun night!

In another one of my foodventures, 
I was craving for fresh handmade pasta and i found it quaint cafe along Chulia Street.

 Yogurt Shake
(i enjoyed the one in Amelie better than this :/ )

Minestrone Soup


 Err I forgotten what kind of pizza we ordered.

Spaghetti with bananas. Lol. I know right.

This crazily hungry fella ordered another main =.='

Good night ppl.
The weather is giving me a headache.

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